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Hair Color Problems?


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Have A Hair Color Problem?

At Hair Color Center we change hair color and correct hair color disasters on a daily basis. Angelo our professional Colorist will guide you through the color correction process step by step, from your initial consultation right through to your finished result. A hair color disaster whilst upsetting and stressful, it is essential you seek professional advice immediately, Angelo will consult with you on how to correct your hair color disaster. Call Hair Color Center and Beauty Salon and let us fix the problem back to perfection.

Hair Color Correction…

Has your home hair color experiment gone terribly wrong? Did the shade on the box turn out totally different to what you expected? Don’t panic, you are not alone. If you have had a hair color disaster at home, don’t try applying another shade over the top. Get expert help if your hair color needs correcting, we have the skills and experience to correct your hair color whatever the mistake, giving you perfect hair color results.

Hair Color has turned out too dark or too light?

Did your hair color turn out too dark, or is your hair color too light? Whichever hair color disaster you may have our professional hair color technicians will advise you after consultation on correcting your hair color shade to recreate a gorgeous overall hair color.