Color Wheel

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SOY4PLEX conditions the entire hair inside and out. It smoothes the outer layer and
penetrates the cortex to deliver deep conditioning that you can really feel.
SOY4PLEX leaves hair deeply conditioned, with up to 61% more reflective shine,* multidimensional color and long-lasting results.

4 Signs of Healthy-Looking Color

Deep Conditioning
SOY4PLEX™ is a deep conditioning hair color complex that acts on both the outer layer and deep inside the
cortex to deliver the 4 signs of healthy-looking color.

Reflective Shine
The deeply conditioned outer layer forms a highly reflective surface for noticeable, healthy shine—up to 61% more.*

Long-lasting Color
SOY4PLEX color molecules move to the cortex of the hair; the smooth outer layer helps seal them in for long-lasting Hair color.

Multidimensional Results
Deeply conditioned hair reflects light in many directions to create multi-dimensional, natural-looking results.